Press | Cover Girl for Digital Magazine Dailysingle

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Easy, breezy, beautiful and now on the cover of the Dailysingle, girl!

I have been tweeting about about this for weeks now and I am so excited to finally share my first magazine cover with you all. Dailysingle is a digital magazine cover that profiles a different person of interest each day. Yesterday, I got to be that person.

In my cover interview with the mag, I revealed which Hollywood actress I think is a shoo-in for my (eventual!) biopic, why I describe myself as an “extroverted introvert” and the years of my life that I likened to “prison.”

I also talked about my show, my writing career and my quest to redefine what it means to be green.

“I wear lots of makeup, platform shoes and I’m constantly quoting Lil’ Wayne. Those are a few of the things Al Gore and I don’t have in common.”

Naturally, the awesome cover shot is courtesy of my friend Mike Daughtry of FOTOFEIN. You may recall I wrote about summer our shoot just a few months back.

For those of you who missed my day on the cover, I’ve posted it after the jump.

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Food Translator | Nondairy Milk

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In Food Translator, Melissa uses her refined global palate to realistically profile and recommend vegan food to risk-averse omnivore diners.

What kinds of nondairy milk are out there?
Soy milk, rice milk and almond milk are the most popular nondairy milk substitutes. I prefer soy milk but for those with soy allergies or just a general aversion to soy, rice milk and almond milk are additional options.

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Green Byte | Seven Cardinal Rules of Veganism that I Break Regularly

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Let me know if you still believe that all vegans are perfect after this. Maybe the rest of them are but I sure as heck am not!

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Press | My North Carolina Television Debut

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I was invited to do a phone interview for The Tim E. D Show. It’s a local program based out of Raleigh, North Carolina.

I actually had another appointment scheduled for basically the same time as this interview, which is why I had to duck into a restaurant near my destination, as you’ll hear me explain to Tim. I had to console myself by remembering that this also happened to Bethenny Frankel on an episode of her show Bethenny Getting Married? But check out the clip–you’ll learn more about how I got started with my show.

And I hope you enjoy the sound of my voice as much as I do.

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Fashion Files | Fur Sucks But These 13 Looks Don’t

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Still wearing fur, Olsens? Really? Both of you? We are more than a decade deep into the 21st century and by now, any true fashion maven is thoroughly aware that there is no shortage of fabulous faux fur apparel.

Like me, stars like Ke$ha love the luxurious look of fur but would never dare wear an animal’s skin. If Ke$ha’s style is not quite your steeze, try stylist Rachel Zoe on for size. Vegan and compassionate fashionistas have her to thank for showing the world that faux fur has a greater fabulosity quotient than its cruel counterpart because animals like dogs, cats, seals and bears get to live.

Take a look at the faux fur looks I’ve gathered for your perusal and I dare you not to salivate.

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Press | My Green Beauty Routine Featured on GoodGuide

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You may recall that I used GoodGuide to comb through my cosmetic bag for toxic and environmentally hazardous ingredients. My makeup woes were recently featured on their blog.

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What Vegans Eat | Low Carb(on) Lunch at Otarian in NYC

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Photo courtesy of Otarian

For months now, I’ve been raving about Otarian to virtually anyone in earshot. Not just another vegetarian eatery, Otarian differs from the rest in that it is a fast food restaurant. Novel, yes, I know. But do you want to know the real kicker?  Well, there are a few of them actually:

  • Nearly everything in the eatery is made from recycled materials;
  • The trash gets composted;
  • Otarian’s menu of all sustainably-produced vegetarian selections includes the skinny on each item’s carbon dioxide emissions (take that, McDonalds).

Otarian is basically a total utopian dining experience for greenies. Welcome to the new face of low carb, America!

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#musicmonday | “Too Much” by Sufjan Stevens

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I just found this on iTunes in the 69 cents indie music bin. Now Sufjan Stevens is my new steeze.

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Music Notes | How You Can, Like Rihanna, Achieve Pop Superstardom Without Dancing

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Rihanna is one of my favorite pop stars and style icons. But surely by now, we’ve all noticed her inability (or unwillingness?) to do any real heavy lifting when it comes to dancing, normally a pop star prerequisite. However, her saving grace is that she can move, and it took her a while to even fall into doing that. With a distinctive vocal quality, undeniable good looks and genuine star appeal, not dancing has never been a factor in her mammoth success. Not yet at least.

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Food Translator | What Does Tofu Taste Like?

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Photo by Crystl

In Food Translator, Melissa uses her refined global palate to realistically profile and recommend vegan food to risk-averse omnivore diners.

What does tofu taste like?
Whatever you want it to taste like really. Tofu is known for taking on the flavor of the items it has been prepared with (have you ever had pad thai?). If you eat it straight out of the package, well yeah, you’re probably going to think it’s terrible. Even I hate plain tofu. But throw some seasoning on it and voilà, you’ve got yourself dinner.

Why do vegans eat tofu?
Tofu can transform itself into a vegan key lime pie, manicotti or even into my personal favorite, tofu scrambles (tastes just like scrambled eggs, this is my favorite recipe). And to handle another popular question, vegans eat tofu because it’s a great source of protein.

Try this recipe!
Mustard-crusted tofu with kale and sweet potato recipe was the first tofu recipe I made for my family and it was a hit like “Single Ladies” by Beyonce. Once you try this recipe, I dare you to tell me you didn’t like it!

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Green Byte | New Report Suggests Hybrids Are Overhyped

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Photographer: jurvetson

In a new report, J.D. Power says that unless there is a “significant increase in the global price of petroleum-based fuels” (like that could ever happen) or a major technological breakthrough that makes hybrids and electric cars cheaper to produce, consumers will stick to conventional (regular) cars in the coming decade.

…consumer research shows that many potential buyers are not ready to make the leap, J.D. Power said. Concerns include the cars’ reliability, power and performance, and how far all-electric models can travel on a single charge — so-called “range anxiety.”

The significant price premium for electric and hybrid vehicles is another major sticking point despite the long-term savings consumers can expect from buying less gasoline.

“Consumers will ultimately decide whether these vehicles are commercially successful or not,” John Humphrey, senior vice president of automotive operations at J.D. Power, said in a statement. “Based on our research of consumer attitudes toward these technologies — and barring significant changes to public policy, including tax incentives and higher fuel economy standards — we don’t anticipate a mass migration to green vehicles in the coming decade.”

Despite the grim report, companies like Nissan and General Motors have taken their lead from a previous report that indicated hybrid, electric and natural gas-fueled vehicles could make up nearly 30 percent of the market.

This is why I always say we need to change the way people think. Consumers are worried about “power and performance”?  I bet no one questioned the reliability of those recently recalled BMWs. And affordability? You can’t tell me that people never buy cars they can’t afford. Yeah, I’ve been awake for the past two years…

(Via The New York Times)

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Linksapalooza, 10/30/2010

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The latest of stuff on the web I implore you to check out.

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Beauty | What’s Toxic in My Makeup Bag?

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A woman and her products. This is my story…

As a vegan, I have always been cognizant of beauty products that test on animals, but I really suck when it comes to knowing the environmental or health impact of my favorite makeup items.

Everyone has products that they swear by. It took me forever to find a foundation that matched my skin tone and now the thought of having it taken away from me is just plain unbearable.

Earlier this year, I met a guy from the EPA at New York City’s Earth Day celebration EarthFair. I confessed that I’m not completely conscience when it comes to green beauty. He recommended that I check out GoodGuide to help me size up how green, healthy and socially responsible my favorite beauty products are. Well, I’m finally getting around to investigating my stuff now, several months later.

I am so afraid to find out that my favorite stuff is terrible for the environment but I’m ready to start down my road to redemption. So let’s see what is lurking inside of my cosmetic case (see above) because frankly, I’m clueless. Is my beauty routine eco-swagful or is it in dire need of a green makeover?

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